Whether it's poker, bets or casinos

Whether it’s poker, bets or casinos

Out of three evils, we choose less. The choice is vast. The most dangerous is cashew, your game limits, the rest isn’t that important anymore. In our opinion, the main danger of poker is delusion. We are rubbed from the TV screens, from the wells of players, a lot of advertising in the media and on the radio that this is a game of mind, skill, skill and mathematical warehouse of mind and character. YOU are in your own mind?? Mathematics for 5th grade or what? 

There are no difficult calculations, but there is a psychology of the player who wins and psychology who can not play. Poker stars are created, they are shown on TV, invited to various events. We are shown how they live beautifully, without straining the gyrus, just flicking the mouse at the monitor with a glass of coffee every morning, and outside the window at the stop people are waiting for a bus that will take them to the factory. It’s all Illusions. So now there is a huge army of “nerds” who sit at the computers and instead of going to the factory and dig up coal or go to work as a plumber or welder (those professions that in 5-10 years will be so highly paid, that all IT-schenets will envy). At the age of 30 we realize that poker is the bottom and we can’t fucking do it in life. Neither profession, nor skills, nor desire to work, and the family did not have time to do, because all night rolling in the cards, and sleep during the day.

Whether it's poker, bets or casinos

Perhaps there are chances to win, but we need strict discipline, patience, perseverance and monotony. Nowadays there are fewer and fewer players with “chips”, more and more players with average level, you have to play with equal chances, which brings the game to find the opponent’s mistakes or banal chance.

We recommend to consider poker as a hobby, as a pastime, as a way to get adrenaline without leaving the house and without getting out of the chair, the best option is to https://rating-casinos.com/ switch from a heavy drug (casino, betting) to a light and just throwing pictures on weekends without pink points.