Expert opinion Casino X Games

Expert opinion Casino X Games

Philip Vlaminck, partner of Pharumlegal, a company engaged in Casino X Games legislative support of other legal entities, expressed his opinion on this matter. Belgian gaming expert points out that the ban did not affect only Belgium. All of Europe has a negative attitude to advertising of gambling products.

Why Europe doesn’t like gambling adsPhilip adds that a Royal Decree was issued, which was sent from the Department of Justice. This idea was prompted by the thundering FIFA World Cup. All operators, including online games, received fabulous profits, which increased their activity. Sports betting along with advertising has literally taken over the world. Politicians were worried about this phenomenon, and it was decided to take control of the situation.

Belgium, like Italy, imposes a complete ban on advertising products based on passion. The operators are shocked, they are forced to fire people who were engaged in marketing development. Now this niche is completely unsuitable for this direction and people were out of work. After all, operators are even prohibited from distributing and printing business cards indicating the type of activity of the organization.

Expert opinion Casino X Games

Along with these countries, Bulgaria and Latvia thought about the introduction of restrictions. In the future, these countries also plan to stop broadcasting advertisements on TV channels. The UK Gambling Commission has been charged with developing the legal framework. All of Europe opposed the spread of information about gambling.

Following television, the ban applies to Internet networks. Here, strict measures will be taken in this area. One of them is advertising your product exclusively on your website. Vlaminck clarifies that such an action borders on a reasonable decision.

Why advertise a site if the user already sees it in front of him? Nevertheless, there is a ban and it is stricter than sports betting, although it all started with them. Bookmakers defended their business, having managed to defend their right to exist.

The question of self-regulation of this law is not considered. The authorities preferred to take matters into their own hands. They are issuing Registration at PlayAmo Casino measures that affect CSR, adding restrictions regarding the timing of advertising on TV.

The time period when advertising should disappear from TV screens is the eighth month from the release of the new legislation. Starting from the first day of this month, it will not be possible to launch an ad unit outside the normal hours Some legislative aspects have already entered into force on January 1, 2019. And it is quite reasonable to introduce the ban gradually, says expert Vlaminck.

The European Court also insists on this. Pointing out that tightening the screws and twisting the hands of the casino owners will not lead to anything good. However, the authorities believe that indulgences are not permissible and it is necessary to immediately introduce a complete ban, excluding a gradual transition to limiting advertising on TV.

Even an example such as Italy, which suffered a deterioration due to short-term gains, is not a relevant example. The limitations of online casinos continue to raise an eyebrow in surprise for both experts and all other participants in the gaming process.

After all, ground advertising remains. Offline activities of organizations will not be affected. Then why all these bans for online casinos? The only thing that remains untouched is the acceptance of online bets that can somehow brighten up the current situation.

Philip stresses that not only the authorities, but also the game gurus themselves should keep an eye on their advertising campaigns. Their aggression, placing leaflets on the streets of cities has led to the fact that now they are forced to stop advertising their product.

How to distinguish between licensed slots and fakes

How to distinguish between licensed slots and fakes

High interest of gamers to online slots makes the niche of gambling popular. Many dishonest developers use this, releasing unlicensed machines, the purpose of which is not to let the player to win. How to distinguish between the original slot machines on the Internet and not get caught in the trap?

Features of licensed online slots

Licensed online slot machines for money – a quality development that “promise” the pleasure of gambling and guarantee fair play.

In the market of gaming developments already have their own leaders whose products deserve respect: Igrosoft, Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Aceking and others.

Their slots use special settings to work properly. Be sure to “prescribed” and the level of return slot machine – 93-98%. Only then the game is transferred to the buyer (casino), who has no ability to influence the dropout results and change the filling machine. The gaming club can only monitor the statistics of winnings and, of course, pay them to their players.

Licensed slots necessarily pass quality control, which includes:

  • testing the random number generator, which must be installed on each slot machine;
  • pre-sale control and periodic checks on the machine;
  • final inspection by international organizations.

Feature of the original games is the use of random number generator. This is a special program, which, according to the principle of probability theory, generates the fallout of various combinations during the game.

Deposition of the number of successful (prize) combinations depends on the video slot feedback level, which is specified in its characteristics. The higher it is (93-98%), the more often successful chains are formed by the generator, for which the player gets paid.

Unoriginal slots – fake dishonest developers

How to distinguish between licensed slots and fakes

Playing slot machines over the Internet, the user may come across unoriginal machines. They are configured so as not to let players win, and enrich their owners.

Pirate slots are often “cloned” original marathonbet casino mobile games, but if you look closely, their quality is very inferior. Their feature is in a complete substitution algorithm of work. The machine is configured so that more often there are no resultant rotations.

Such slots use untested and unreliable casinos, which save on the purchase of licensed software. They can also independently set up fake machines in their favor.

How to distinguish the original slot from the fake?

Play only in reliable casinos. This is the most correct way, because such establishments value their reputation and license.

Check out the slot machine. The original slots work without “failure”, the music is not interrupted, and the process of rotating the drums does not stop at any point inappropriate.

Check the kickback. You do not need to spend your money to do this, as you can run the Internet slot machines for free. Rotate the drums and evaluate how often the marathonbet casino review prize combinations and bonus symbols fall out. If the machine declared a return rate of 97%, there can be no permanent losing spins.

Check the server. Each manufacturer uses a specific server to download the game, their lists can be found on the Internet. Start the game and right click to open the Adobe Flash Player settings window. There you will see the server address. You only need to compare it with the original.

You should not risk your money. Play only in proven gambling establishments that value their reputation. Here you will find the original and quality online slot.

Casino X Games bonus program

Casino X Games bonus program

Now you won’t surprise anyone with paid “buns”. But a free deposit will make, at least, stop on this site. As soon as the player decides to register, a tidy sum of money falls into his account for a great start. In this case, the gamer must use his luck within an hour, otherwise the entire amount received will be burned. This restriction was introduced by unscrupulous players who like Registration at PlayAmo Casino to find a “freebie”.

In addition, there is an algorithm of actions that must be performed in order for the prize to be available to the player. For example, Casino Grad Mondial offers to make more than 20 bets so that the gift will completely pass into the possession of the gambler. However, there is a small pitfall here: the winnings from these bets must be greater than the provided deposit.

Many global casinos will offer their clients more than one withdrawal method. In this case, the entire system will be tailored to the player’s comfort. Therefore, it is usually offered: e-wallets, prepaid cards (Neteller, Skrill, PayPal, Ukash, PaySafeCard and Neosurf), bank cards. A simple translation is also available.

Casino X Games bonus program

The supplier of such translation will be: Euteller, Sofort, eCheck, InstaDebit. Naturally, the site fully protects personal data and does not allow intruders to steal their client’s money prize. This operation will be guarded by a 128-bit SSL cipher, which ensures reliability against hacking or intrusion into the operation by hackers.

The support service is ready to consider any question. Regardless of the time zone, weather conditions, or any other cataclysm, help should be around the clock and optimally fast. Can this casino boast? Undoubtedly.

In this case, the player can contact a specialist via chat or e-mail, choosing a convenient way of interaction. An international contact phone is also provided. Naturally free. Today, telephony can be used by Denmark, Germany, Great Britain or Canada.

Summing up, we note that it is important for the client: quick withdrawal of winnings, round-the-clock technical support, a license of the establishment, all kinds of bonuses, promotions and prizes, a wide range of all kinds of games with excellent graphics and content. Thus, the Casino X Games more the casino employees invest in their customers, the higher the likelihood that the player will remain, become a regular customer and advertise this institution to his relatives and friends.

Most recently, Belgium has banned the display of game ads. The restriction affected television. Where it is forbidden to broadcast about gambling, the display of digital advertising is limited, and other restrictions have affected online casinos.

For example, popular faces and celebrities are prohibited from participating in this format. Also, a ban on sports betting after 20.00 came into force. live broadcasts will no longer be enriched with ad units. What happened, and where did the excitement come from.

Respin - additional function in slots

Respin – additional function in slots

Slot machines with special symbols and additional prize options are more valuable than games with simple functionality. Among the standard parameters – the presence of Wilde and Scatter, often these characters are complemented by special features. One of them is to receive and activate a respirin, that is one or several rotations calculated to the number of other prize freespins.

Features and use of Respin

Respins are only available at online casinos, this is the innovation of developers of modern gaming software. The function of re-spins can be incorporated even in a simple machine, but most often these are new games such as Jurassic Parl, Sakura Fortune, James Dean. For the maximum positive effect from Respin you need to know the following about it:

  • It’s a kind of bonus round, during which the conditions of the game change: multipliers appear, winning odds increase, etc.;
  • Respins are very similar to Frispin, especially if both are launched by Scatter and activate the same new symbol (like Sticky Wilde);
  • Respin is activated in connection with the player’s actions. These are either activating symbols or winning lines after the spin;
  • Some machines offer random freespins to keep the player interested and tuned.

Unusual Options of Respirin Machines

Some video slots have an option to twist the drums. There is a separate start button under each reel – this top online casino allows you to selectively rotate them by selecting the characters. In such cases, the bet may cost more than the entire spin, especially when one special character is missing. Respin as a free spin with additional options is much less expensive and does not take away the bet from the player.

Game the best France casinos

Game the best France casinos

The game that the best France casinos is now going on at the gaming table, we have long known. We know what we will get at its end. What will be the winnings and what, in fact, is at stake. It’s basically a small thing. It is necessary to play the game itself properly. This game is the result of our reflections. Therefore, we do not worry especially about it. Everything will happen exactly as it should. It is only necessary not to hurry. We stick to the card with which we are going to bluff. We look at it one more time. Wow, a map – I mean, a figure.

It’s a good senior rack. Four aces. So we bet on it with confidence. And we wait for the reaction of our opponent. He also bets and asks to raise the bet. That is, he’s bluffing. We raise the bet once again. He does not calm down. It happens quickly and efficiently. The bets take off for the whole game. It seems as if we only expected it. And we really only waited for it. We raise the bet again and again. All the players have already jumped off it. It’s just the two of us, me and my opponent. Everything goes according to the developed plan.

Game the best France casinos

But here’s the situation… Why does he not pass? He goes and goes forward, not paying attention to the bet itself. We are a little concerned. We don’t like it very much. We smoke – a little away from the table. We have to think about it. And we think… What is there to think about? He has nothing (although he holds on perfectly). We sit down to the table and walk again – I mean, we raise our bet. The bet is doubled immediately. Oh, shit… Something is wrong here. Something has happened to the cards. He shouldn’t have a good card.

Or… am I wrong? I’m trying to figure out where and what cards were in the game. And it turns out that there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. He can’t have a card older than my rack. But he plays in such a way that I seem to be losing… I have a reason to reveal my cards. That is to put out the bet and not to raise it again. But it means that I believed him. And there is nothing to believe. I have to play. And I play – raising the bet to the incredible heaven. He lifts it up quietly. It seems gambling in the Netherlands that he doesn’t care. I still raise the bet. And… I give up.

Cards open. And he turns out to have… a street flash! “Mommy darling!” – I shout. I was wrong. I let myself down in my calculations. I – lost … Such losses happen, but not too often. You just have to keep in mind that poker is a game for luck. And you, calculating your figures, can be tragically wrong. There you go.

We play best online France casinos

We play best online France casinos

We play card best online France casinos poker. The easiest thing in the world. That is, we add up our pieces and evaluate them. Then we go to the purchase – we take three cards. And with these five cards we play. There are no variants for a good bluff. They are not present for the reason that we play for copecks. At the lowest rate. And soon this bet starts to bother us. We go again and again.

And finally, we offer our opponents to play big. Well, not a million, of course. But for something like that. They agree. The croupier hands in the cards – by updating the deck. And we open the first pieces… I have one pair. Just a couple. I take three cards to her and find myself with the same pair. And what about my opponents? They have the same game.

All give up. And the bet goes up. We take the cards again. And again we look at our pieces. That’s how it is until we do not win. So, the real nonsense is just a hundred dollars. But exactly a hundred. This game promises to turn into a real confrontation. And we are slowly going to – not to bury it. By the way, it is very easy to bury such a game. It is enough to pay attention to the bets. You’re a little confused, a little slowed down. And your opponent starts bluffing. He asks you to raise the bet.

And you seem to agree to it. You have the rack. And you feel quite confident. You raise the bet. And you wait until two other opponents leave the game. You are left alone. You play classic poker, which can have two options. To be more exact – three. The first variant – you both pass and leave the cash register untouched. The second option – one of you your bluff can not stand. He puts out the bet. And you open the cards. And the third option, the most profitable. When your opponent is completely defeated.

We play best online France casinos

When he finally gives up. And you do not open your cards, and simply take the winnings. But this winnings have to be won back. You raise your bets. And your opponent also raises them. This happens over and over again. At some point, you’re even surprised. What happens? Why doesn’t he give up? And gradually it turns out that he… has a good figure. And you slapped this case. You lost this game – unless, of course, he gives best online Netherlands casinos up. But he does not give up. And you lose this million (or how much money is at stake).

It’s over, you’ve lost. You are in a state where it is better not to approach you. Although you still smile and act as if nothing has happened… This is a classic example of a beautiful loss. A big loss. When you missed the moment and started bluffing. Although you should not have. Well, an old lady has a bad breakthrough.

How to get the best French online casinos

How to get the best French online casinos

We have been playing best French online casinos poker for a long time. We have been playing poker for twenty years in a row. We win and lose. Everything happens. But over time, we have learned to play in such a way that our winnings only grow. We still win and lose. But when we win, we raise our stakes and when we lose, we lower our stakes. And we get to the point where our losses are not visible and our winnings are substantial. To show how it is done is easier than to explain in words.

Let’s say we have a good map. Let’s say we intend to bluff. We bully the bet a little bit – just a little. But just so much so that your opponent feels that you have nothing. He is outraged. He’s annoyed. He raises the bet even more. And that’s when you get into the game. You have a good figure. But you decided to save it. You raise the bet twice, but at the same time scratch the back of your head – as if before you are an insoluble riddle. It further molds your opponent. He also raises your bet. Then another and more. Until he finally realizes that he is caught. And the winnings remain with you. And you celebrate. This is one situation.

How to get the best French online casinos

And here’s another one. You take the cards and you realize that there will be no winning. That raising the stakes is very stupid. Or you completely ignore it and leave the game. Or you support her, but only in the first stage. And also quit the game, allowing your opponents to play for luck. You have already played. And your luck decided to wait a little bit. You feel it and give it the opportunity to best Dutch online casinos act on its own scenario. This game is not yours. You’re not going to lose a lot here. So, just a little … These attempts to operate with wins and losses, that is, certain amounts of money are effective. But not always. In case you find a stubborn opponent, you can slightly increase the amount of loss. But – just a little bit. So that he does not get bored, but he did not get what all people are looking for when they come to the game house. That is a good win.

There will be no winnings. And there will be no big loss. And there will be a systematic, constant winnings – quite small, but able to bring you to a fairly rich poker player in a day. Why? Because you have respect for money – that’s first and foremost. Because you listen to the trends that prevail at the game table. And because you react quite sharply to losses and winnings. This is how middle hand players play. And they do it. Over time, they become masters. And they play for a lot of money. Here, the psychology is slightly different. Here you do not pay attention to losses and focus only on the winnings… However, we will talk about it in the future.