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Seven simple tips that will help you not to lose at online casinos

There is an opinion that it is impossible to win at a spanish best online slots. And many even think that in gambling establishments you can only lose. In fact, this is not entirely true.

Gambling is, first and foremost, the pleasure of having a good time. Winning is not that important. If you don’t feel that way, you are probably developing a gambling addiction.

However, your enjoyment will be threatened if you keep losing all the time.

How do you play in a way that keeps the risk of losing to a minimum?

It’s actually easier than it looks if you follow a small set of golden rules.

Rule #1 – Choose the best online casino in spain
After the legalization of gambling in Ukraine and getting the first online casino licenses, this task becomes much easier.

The first thing to do when choosing an online casino is to make sure that it is licensed.

Simply put, that you are playing with an official institution. This will keep you safe from fraud and make it hassle-free to withdraw your winnings.

Rule #2 – choose a casino with good starting bonuses
Among legal casinos, choose those with the largest selection of games available, as well as the most attractive starter bonuses.

These include no deposit bonuses, as well as freespins. Some of the Ukrainian legal online casinos have already announced their bonus programs.

Before choosing an online casino to play, compare bonuses, choose the most generous offers.

Rule #3 – Learn the rules of the game
It sounds funny, but many novice players neglect this point. And, without understanding the rules, immediately start betting.

Even if you’ve seen plenty of casino movies, it doesn’t mean you understand how it all works. In the movies everything looks simple enough, but in fact, in the peculiarities of all games need to understand beforehand.

Even seemingly simple games like blackjack require you to understand the rules and basic strategy.

Rule #4 – Play free or demo games first.
Before you make any real money bets try out the free versions of the games you are most interested in.

There are many free simulators of blackjack and various slot machines on the internet. Also, many legal online casinos have demo versions of various games.

Try your hand at them first, and only then proceed to cash bets.

Rule No. 5 – Choose the games that are right for you
Online casinos usually have a large selection of slots and other games.

They are very different from each other. And it’s ridiculous to think that you can play them all with the same degree of interest.

Pick 1-2 games that you really like. And focus on them.

Rule No. 6 – Pay Attention to Additional Factors
If you want to increase your chances of winning, there are several factors to consider.

Evaluate the return rate of the slot machines – don’t play those where the rate is below 95%.

Don’t play slots that don’t have jackpots. Although your chances of hitting the jackpot are minimal (it’s really big luck), they are nevertheless there. And in general your chances of winning at jackpot slots are higher than at slots without a jackpot.

Choose slots that are played by a lot of players. The more players, the faster the slot gives out winning combinations and pays out money.

Rule #7 – set spending limits and do not exceed them
Firstly, this is how you protect yourself from gambling addiction.

Secondly, you generally protect yourself from major waste.

In addition, experienced players advise you to stop playing immediately after a more or less large winnings. You are unlikely to get lucky twice in a row. And to continue playing after winning is a direct road to a big loss.