Marathon Bet gaming systems

Marathon Bet gaming systems

This is a more complex option than the two systems described above, maybe that’s why it hasn’t become so popular. La Boucher’s technique is similar to playing with yourself. However, if you go deeper into the Marathon Bet principle of functioning of the system, it will be clear that not so terrible features as it is drawn.

At the initial stage, the player writes down numbers from smaller to larger values. You should not worry about the fact that an error will be made somewhere. The main thing is to check that the resulting digital series goes on an increasing line. Then it is necessary to calculate the size of the first bet. To do this, take the first and last numerical value, sum it up. The result will show how much money must be put on the line.

Marathon Bet gaming systems

Then the second pair of numbers is calculated. You should act in the same way, that is, the number at first and at the end of the numeric series is crossed out again. It is predicted that the player must make a profit until all the numbers have run out. As you can see, there is nothing difficult, and many even this method of playing may seem the most interesting.

In case of loss, the size of non-art bets must be written down as a nominal value. Yes, La Boucher’s system is more complex and requires logical thinking, but despite its apparent intricacy, it managed to prove itself quite well. Most importantly, when losing, as well as using the system “Martingale”, it is necessary to increase the amount of bets to compensate for previous financial losses.

Was widespread because of its simplicity. The system is based on increasing the size of bets every time you win. That is, part of the profit must be put back best casino in prague on the line. It is believed that this way you can improve your financial position, with the initial investment will be insignificant.

This principle of the game differs from the rest of the fact that each time the player risks only his bets, which the longer the entertainment action lasts, become more, and it can negatively affect the size of the wallet playing. However, this risk only occurs if the blackjack lover is chased by a fatal streak of failure and the loss follows the loss.

Finally, emphasis should be placed on the fact that no complex strategy of the game has been found to be effective. The simpler the system, the better and more efficient it is. And this is not only a verbal statement, but repeatedly proven in practice. However, some gamblers will not always like the monotony of the process when a simple mathematical calculation, as not every time you can tickle your nerves and feel the adrenaline release, which boils in the veins of blood and it seems that you can turn the mountains!