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Video Poker Tips

You need to acquire a few tips prior to your starting, if you haven't already played video pokers. A couple of such tips can help you to become a real player instead of simply a spectator. It may only take a few basic rules and suggestions before you find that you are enjoying playing the game a great deal more.

Poker Tip no. 1 – When you play you should seek out machines that allow you to play Jacks or better and that for a full house pay out nine coins and for a flush, six.

Poker Tip no. 2 – Be sure to always bet the maximum number of coins when you are playing a progressive machine, the maximum number of coins that are allowed, so as to receive the bonus for royal flushes.

Poker Tip no. 3 – For those who are just beginning, they should play on the machines that offer the lowest denomination coins until gaining some expertise.

Poker Tip no. 4 – Always take the time to cautiously study each hand. Remember that since you are in fact playing a machine no one will be upset with you for playing too slowly.

Poker Tip no. 5 – This may not be obvious but in fact the most important card in the deck is not the ace but the Jack. When you have a Jack in your hand, there are more opportunities available to you to form a winning hand than when you hold the ace.

Other Tips For Video Poker

Don’t keep a kicker when you have a pair. Doing that reduces your return by 5%.

If you are able to draw three to achieve a royal flush then never draw four cards.

If you are holding a five card winning hand, don't give it up. The only exception to this is in the case of where you are lacking one card to complete a royal flush.

If you are holding a flush, never break it even when you would be able to draw one card to a straight flush. It is always permissible to break up a flush in order to draw to a royal.

When drawing to a straight flush, never break up a straight.

Never draw five cards when you are holding a jack or better.

Never hold a two when making a four card draw.

You should always take advantage of the video poker tips so as to help you to play better. While they are not everything, they can be of benefit.

Odds For Video Poker
The odds that are used when playing video poker are quite similar to those of regular poker. This means that achieving winning combinations can only be done a fixed number of times. Also, just as it is the case with regular poker, so it is when you are playing video poker.

There are several different versions of how to play along with different types of games all of which are available for players to choose from. There is a separate and distinct strategy for each game. When you are playing Jacks or Better for example, a different strategy would be used than what you would use when playing a Deuces Wild game.

You can increase your odds at video poker by checking out the payout schedule that is posted on the machine. Each machine has a payout schedule with a chart that shows what the different numbers designate. For starting out the preferred game would seem to be a 9/6 Jacks or Better. According to the chart the game pays out a strong 99.5 % of the time.

The payout is a full 100.2% if you are able find a machine, which offers a 10/7 double bonus.

A payout of 100.7% if available from a machine type of 9/7.

A 99.5% payout is available from a machine type of 9/6.

A 97.3% payout is available from a machine type of 8/5.

A 96.3% payout is available from a machine type of 7/5.

A 95.2% payout is available from a machine type of 6/5.

It is obvious therefore that there are several machines that have a payout of more than 100%. Don't let this get you overly excited however.

In spite of the fact that it appears to offer a great payout, that doesn’t mean that everyone who plays the machine can win all the money plus. The reason the casinos offer these machines is that they know that there are people who do not have a sufficient enough strategy to play them successfully.

In addition to the payout schedule you need to be aware of the odds that are attached to achieving each hand. The odds for instance against getting a Royal Flush or a Straight.

If you are playing on a 9/6 Jacks or Better machine, the scheduled payout for getting a Royal Flush is 4,000. The chance of getting this is 1 in 40,390. For a Straight Flush the payout is 250 and there is 1 chance out of 9,148 of getting it.

The payout for Four of a kind is 125. There is 1 chance in 423 of getting it. The payout for a Full House is 45. There is 1 chance in 86 of getting it.

The payout for getting a Flush is 30. There is 1 chance in 90 of getting it.

The payout for getting a Straight is 20. There is 1 chance in 89 of getting it.

The payout for getting Three of a Kind is 15. There is 1 chance in 13 of getting it.

The payout for getting Two Pair is 10. There is 1 chance in 7 of getting it.

The payout for getting Jacks or Better is 5. There is 1 chance in 4 of getting it.

Maybe you noticed that the payout on a full house is larger than that of a flush or straight. This is counter to what might be expected. The only reason for it is to give the player improved odds and a greater opportunity to win. This is a game that is worth trying and you just might find yourself a winner.

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