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Playing Flash Slot Machines from my Home

However invigorating a walk in the evening during wintertime may be, I’m always happy to return home to the warmth of the fireplace in my den.  My den is designed to look rustic but to also have all the comforts of modern technology, which includes a top-of- the-line computer.

While I was using my computer I saw something flashing out of the corner of my eye.  What I saw were flash slot machines appearing on my computer screen.   I’m not totally unfamiliar with them because of my friend who designs games in Flash.  Flash slot machines are colorful and look as if they are moving on your computer screen.

To complete the flash slot machine experience, all you need is a screen saver of a beach island.  Flash slot machines even sound authentic with the ringing and clicking sounds that come with a winning combination and the sound of coins landing in the tray.

Playing Flash Slot Machines with Family Members

Thanks to the Flash program that makes the flash slot machines so totally realistic, my mother-in-law couldn’t be more pleased.  She had been staying with me for the week while her husband was away on business. 

We get along very nicely and her weeklong visit passed by too quickly.  While we both have a very busy schedule we both found time play the slot machines. 

I have two computers connected to the Internet so there was no lack of opportunity to play for either of us.  Even better, we both won!  Then we walked the dog. 

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