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Some Roulette Tips to Help Your Game

Below are some tips for you to play the game. Take them as they come, you wont break the bank but the chances are that they will help to make your money last longer

  1. Play your game and don’t try someone else’s system. Admittedly this is hard if it seems to be working for that person . Watch how long it lasts!
  2. Try and find a single zero table. On this table the house has a smaller edge and so it is in your favour.
  3. The “ five number” bet is a bad one. It has the worst odds on the table.
  4. The “surrender”rule. Look for the casino that offers this as one of its rules of play.  Although it is only on even money outside bets, it lowers the house advantage almost as much as the table with a single zero.
  5. Don’t waste your time looking for biased wheels. Modern technology to day has eliminated this as a way of lowering the odds.
  6. Accept the fact that there are no systems that really work.

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