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The Rules of the Game of Roulette

Before you sit down at the Roulette table you must be aware that there are certain rules as to how to play the game and also that the casino has its own rules which apply to their tables.

Remember that sitting around the table are other players and there is a certain etiquette that players should follow. The game is easy to play, and you can soon learn about the various combinations of bets that you can make.

Before you place any bet you must know what the minimum bet is. If the minimum is $5, then that is the least you can place on the outside bets. (These are the bets of black/red, evens and high low). If you are betting on the numbers the total of your bets on those numbers must be at least $5.

The bets you place are with chips. The chips you play with in casinos which follow standard North American rules are specifically to play roulette and  can not be used for other table games.

They would be of no value. Each player will have his own colour of chips so that the dealer can recognize the player. When you buy your chips from the dealer you can nominate the value of the chips you want to play with.

If you are playing at a table where the minimum bet is $5, in order that you be able to split your bet you would probably choose a denomination of $1 chips.

The chips are not marked as such but the dealer has a record of their value. At the end of play you can exchange your chips with the dealer for chips that can be used elsewhere.

Playing roulette is both easy and you can play at your own pace. The pace of the game depends on how long it takes players to place their bets. When the dealer is satisfied all bets are on, he will then start to spin the wheel.

You have ample time to place your bets and if there is already a bet on your number it does not matter, you place yours over theirs.

Your chips are a different colour. Sometimes bets are being placed even while the wheel starts to spin, but, when the dealer gives the signal "no more bets", the fun really starts.

The wheel slows down and the little white ball falls into a slot and the wheel finally stops. This is the winning number.

The dealer indicates the winning number on the table by placing a marker on it. He then will clear the table of all other bets and pay the winning number.

Following this he will then declare "place your bets" and the game restarts.

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