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Craps Tips

The following are several valuable tips for craps players. This section is intended to give players a more comprehensive understanding of how to play craps. Most of what is written here is very similar to the rules of the game.

In General
The primary thing to identify is the person playing the shooter. This will be obvious as he/ she will be rolling the dice. You will be placing your bets either win or against the shooter. This is done by placing your money on the 'Pass line' or on the 'don't pass line'. Once everyone has placed their bets, the dice is rolled. Winning or losing is determined from this roll.

On a pass-line bet, you are betting with the shooter. It follows, if a seven or eleven is diced on the first roll, both the shooter and you win. Alternatively, if a two, three or twelve is rolled a pass-line bet is a losing bet, while the don't pass line bets are winners.

If other numbers are rolled (such as 4,5,6,8,9,10 or 11) the game is taken to what is known as 'point mode'. In these cases the shooter needs to roll the identical number again, followed by a seven to win.

The pass and don't pass lines
Betting on the pass line is to bet with the shooter. To win in this case, the shooter needs to dice a seven or eleven. Alternatively, if he rolls a two, three or twelve only the don’t pass line punters, those who bet against the shooter, will win.

Don’t come and coming
The sign that it is too late to place pass and don’t pass line bets is the on puck, which is placed on the table.
In such cases, the opening roll has already taken place. Therefore if you only approach the table at this point, you have missed out on this particular round.

At this stage, the game is considered to be in the 'point' stage and while you can no longer place pass and don’t pass bets, the 'come' and 'don’t come' bets are still available for play.
These bets are taken either with or against the shooter.

A come bet is betting with the shooter, intending that he will make the point. On the other hand, the don’t come bet is against the shooter making the point. In these cases, you simply place the bet and hope for the best.

Big six and/ or eight bet
In these bets you are hoping that the six or eight will be rolled before the seven.

The seven bet
This is a highly risky bet. Making this bet applies to the following roll. If this roll lacked success, all your chances are lost.

The craps bet
Like the previous bet, you only have one dice roll to win. In this case you are hoping for a 2, 3, or 12 to come up.

The hard way bets
Hard way bettors are attempting to receive larger payouts. Obviously, like most gambling, the higher the payouts, the larger the risk and smaller the odds of winning. Winning using the 'hard way' strategy involves placing the bet on either a double 5 or double 6.

If the bet is placed on the double five, is needs to come up prior to a soft 10 or any sum of rolls that equal 10 excluding double 5's. Similarly, if a 7 is rolled you also lose.

Tips and hints
If you are a new craps player, the best strategy is simply to place your bets on the 'come line', the 'don’t come line', the 'pass line bet' and the 'don’t pass line' bet. In these cases your odds of winning are 50/ 50.

The best way of making big wins at craps is betting on the 'hard way' bets. While the winnings of this might be good, the odds of winning are dramatically reduced.

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