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Craps Rules

When playing craps, the player places his or her bet. This is then covered by the casino. The casino offers the players a variety of betting options.

Four people are actively involved in the game of craps.  The 'boxman' act as the boss, sits in the centre of the table and consistently keeps his eye on the game. On each side of the boxman sit the two dealers. The role of the two dealers is to deal with the chips by paying out the winnings and taking in the losings. Standing on the player's side of the table is the stickman while in the middle of the table is the box stands the box for proposition bets.

The role of the stickman is to control the game's action and pace by controlling the dice. When the stickman has seen that all the bets have been placed, he pushed the dice to the shooter. This player then selects which pair of dice to roll, and rolls the chosen pair across the table so they hit the wall of the table on the other side.

If the player roles a two, three, or twelve, he has essentially rolled a craps and loses. In such cases all those who bet on the pass-line bets also lose. Nevertheless, the shooter continues to roll the dice until he attains  a seven out.

If, however, what is known as a box point is established if the first roll to come out is a 4,5,6 8,9 or 10. When this occurs the player keeps rolling until the number reappears. He needs this to happen before he can win. However, if a seven is rolled before the necessary number then he loses. 

The best approach to playing craps is to play the line and the come, or the pass or don’t pass bets. These are the two safest areas to bet in craps and offer the player the best odds of winning. It is highly recommended to take full odds behind pass line bets. If fact, man casinos offer odds double or higher on these bets. In these cases, it is a highly recommended opportunity to take advantage of. Another valuable rule of thumb is to make sure you increase winning bets and not double up on losing ones.

Place bets: playing a 4 or 10 is to play nine to five odds. In this case, the house has an edge of almost seven percent. Alternatively, betting on the five or nine is paid out seven to five and has odds of 7.5.  In this case the house has an edge of four percent. Six or eight bets carry odds of seven to six and has a house edge of 1.51 percent.

The odds on the seven are four to one. While the real odds are five to one, the house absorbs the difference, which gives them almost a seventeen percent edge.

An eleven bet pays has a paying edge of fourteen to one, even though its actual odds are seventeen to one. Since the house edge on this bet is over sixteen percent, this is considered a poor bet.

Come bets and don’t come bets are the same as pass-line bets. They are considered even bets with a house edge of 1.4 percent.

Buy bets are used to reduce the house edge to its actual percentage. The player pays a fee of five percent for this opportunity. However, the buy bets can only be used, or are only worth using on the four and ten. Subsequently, the buy bets reduce the house edge to under fiver percent.

A 'hard ways' bet can be placed on a 4,6,8 or 10. the payout for a hard bet is nine to one, while on the 6 and 8 the payoff is 7 to 1. This  is not considered a good bet.

Pass line bets are paid out at even odds and the house maintains only a small edge. This is considered the best bet available to players.

The don’t pass line bet also pays out even odds and the house maintains a small edge. This is only a slightly better bet than the pass line bet.

The field is a one-roll bet. The field pays out at a rate of two to one. It is achieved by rolling a two or twelve and the house edge is around 5.5 percent.

Any craps is a one roll bet. In this case seven to one odds are paid out if a 2,3 or 12 is rolled. The house's edge is over eleven percent and therefore is considered a bad bet.

To place a horn bet, simply put the bet in the marked are known as the horn. Horn bets are on 2,3,12 and 11.  To make this bet the player gives money to the dealer and announces the bet. the horn bet is not considered a good bet as the house maintains and edge of over sixteen percent. In fact, the horn bet is highly un-recommended.

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