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A Few Baccrat Tips

You will receive tips and advice from anybody who ever played the baccarat game. Everybody who lost or won believes he/she is an expert. Listen to them all, express your thanks and keep you own counsel.
But there are after all some ground and basic guidance that it is  recommended to pay attention to. Maybe not to win offhand, but not to lose too much.

Getting ready to go to the casino

  • Leave your checkbook and credit cards at home.

  • Take with you only the amount you are ready to lose.
  • Do not change all your money at once against chips. Divide it in  two or three lots. If losing,      the temptation of going on is not as strong as it would be if you had  all the money on the table.

At the casino baccarat table

  • Don’t drink alcohol. One glass of champagne usually provided by the casino will do. You have to      keep your wits and your power of concentration.
  • Choose a table with the least number of decks in the shoe.
  • Start betting low  in order to see how your luck is shaping up.

  • Avoid betting on “tie”. Though returns are higher, the odds are not.

  • The casino commission being picked up at the end of the game, try to keep track of the sum you       owe; put it aside; don’t use it to bet.

  • Allow a break from time to time. Go wash your hands or have a sandwich at the bar.

  • There is no sure pattern in this game. So, using score pads is to no avail. It only distracts you.

  • Each deal has its own chances. It will  not affect the next one.
  • Remember that you are betting on someone other’s luck. Your bet will not affect the winning or      losing hand.
  • Sit anywhere you want; you are not playing against others. You are playing with them.

  • If your will is strong enough fix the time you are going to play, check your watch and keep to it.

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