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The Baccarat Strategies

This is the part of dealing with baccarat strategy.

Many believe that strategy and system are just the same. This is not true. While a system consists of a way of managing the development of the game and the betting, the strategy is not only a part of  the game itself but also the way you manage your money and the amounts you bet.

What  really is a strategy?

Gamblers believe that casinos have been created to distribute money in conformity with certain rules. Casinos believe that gamblers have been created to hand out money in the framework of the same rules. These two beliefs clash of course, it looks like a battle is taking place in the casino arena and that is just what it is.

Gamblers on one side of the field. Casinos on the other side. The weapons are  money on the side of the gamblers, dice, cards, or numbers on the side of the casinos. The aim of the duel: to take away as much money as possible  from the  opponent. And Lady Luck is presiding in the referee seat.

Like on any other battleground, a strategy is necessary. What is left to chance in baccarat is the coming up of the cards. That is the casino strategy, the only one on the field. The gambler’s strategy consists of the amount of the bet.

Betting low and losing is a small defeat for the loser and a small victory for the winner. Betting high and losing can be a devastating loss for the gambler and a most satisfactory coup for the casino. Betting high and winning is wonderful of course, and casinos will pay you gladly out. They don’t worry. They know you are hooked and you’ll come back.

They know that they’ll be the winners in the long run.  Were it not so, there would not be so many casinos around the world. That is their other strategy, the psychological one: wait you out.

To tell the truth, there is really no such thing as a winning strategy for the gambler. There is only a kind of strategy to lose less. And that is done by the manner in which the money is dealt with.

If you are wise and prudent, your strategy will not focus on the game itself, but on the cash sitting before you, so that it lasts as long as possible, allowing you a longer period of fun and enjoyment.

The reasonable thing is to decide of an amount that you can afford and the wise thing is to stick to it. Suppose you decided to spend three hundred bucks that evening for entertainment. That is the amount it would have cost you had you taken your girlfriend out to a restaurant and a night club afterwards.

Well, for some reason, she couldn’t make it and left to your own resources, you strayed towards the casino lights.

Remember. Three hundred dollars. No more. You sit at the baccarat table. You bet ten dollars. You win! You are given twenty back. You have won ten dollars! what a  pleasure! Take those ten winning dollars and put them in your pocket.

Continue playing with the money you have in front of you. Add winning dollars to your pocket, play with the initial money only.

 Now two things can happen. One, you lost your initial three hundred dollars but still have a small amount of  money in your secret pocket. Two, you have won beyond your expectations and the evening has stretched almost to morning.

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