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Gambling in the Czech Republic, laws and regulators, Online casinos in the Czech Republic

Central Europe, beautiful nature, ancient castles, quite developed and well regulated gambling business with hundreds of globotech online casinos and gambling halls – this is the Czech Republic. The Czech Republic, a beautiful European country with an ancient history, developed economy and 10.5 million people. According to official figures released in 2018 by the Czech Ministry of Finance, the gambling industry’s revenue for 2017 was 224.1 billion crowns, with 184.3 billion paid to winners, so the industry’s revenue was 39.8 billion or $1.77 billion.


Legislation and regulators

The new Gambling Act No. 186 passed in September 2016 envisions a phased introduction of new regulations by 2020. By then, every player will be entered into the database and a monitoring system will be launched. The law requires casinos/gaming rooms to verify the identity and age of each of their visitors upon entering the premises. This will reduce social tension, exclude games for people suffering from addiction to cheating.

The gambling industry is managed by the Ministry of Finance. The website of this agency has a special section devoted to the gaming industry. The Ministry of Finance publishes annual reports on the state of affairs in the industry, publishes lists of licensed gambling operators and a blacklist with the addresses of gambling sites whose activities are prohibited in the country.


Land-based casinos and amusement arcades in the Czech Republic

According to the Ministry of Finance mentioned at the beginning of the report, Czechs spent in 2017 on “live games”, so in the republic classify table games in land-based casinos 12, 8 billion crowns, almost 2 billion of this money was the income of institutions. “Technical games,” that is, slot machines, brought the business many times more profit – 22.3 billion, with a total turnover of 114 billion. That is, almost half of the country’s gaming industry turnover are slots. These machines are installed in the country, tens of thousands, they can stand as in individual equipped rooms (the number of at least 15), and in catering establishments (bars, pubs, etc.). There are more than 150 classic casinos with table games (“live games”) in the Czech Republic, there are also at least a hundred slot machine halls. City with the largest number of casinos is the capital of Prague. The largest area casino is in the small town of Znojmo, on the border with Austria.


Online casinos in the Czech Republic

Innovations in legislation in recent years have made it possible for online casinos on the internet to operate legally in the Czech Republic: At the same time, national legislation has set rather high (up to 40%) tax rates for such sites. At the moment six operators offering online gambling services to the players have ventured to enter the legal Czech market. Government blocks more than 200 casino sites operating under foreign jurisdiction. The “black list” of blocked casinos is posted on the website of the Ministry of Finance of the Czech Republic.