Online Casinos before Flash Casinos Came Along

Since the advent of flash casinos, playing at an online casino has never been the same.  The flash casino technology has changed completely the way we can play at online casinos.  Before flash casino technology, the only way to play at an online casino was to first download the software onto your computer.

This process could take forever if you happened to have a slow Internet connection, as I did.  Usually, by the time I finished downloading the software, I no longer had any time left to play.

Sometimes, I would leave to do other chores while I was downloading and forget about the download completely!  Other times, I would have to disconnect the computer to make a phone call, stopping the download completely. 

Sometimes, all three would happen at once!  Fortunately, flash online casinos have come along and changed all that.

Flash Online Casinos Make Downloads a Thing of the Past

All of this was before flash online casinos were around and, until about six months ago, I had never heard of flash casinos. 

Then, one day as I was surfing the net through some online casino sites I saw a banner that read: “flash online casinos – no download necessary.” 

Naturally, that banner caught my interest immediately so I clicked on it and was taken to a casino website that explained that I really didn’t need to download any software in order to play at online casinos. 

Not only didn’t I have to download to play, I could still play all of my favorite Microgaming casino games.  In one click I was able to sign up and in one more click I was playing. 

There really is no downloading necessary.  If your Internet connection is slow like mine was and you still want to continue playing at online casinos, you should try flash casinos.  They really work!