Dare to Win!  

How to get the best French online casinos

best French online casinosWe have been playing best French online casinos poker for a long time. We have been playing poker for twenty years in a row. We win and lose. Everything happens. But over time, we have learned to play in such a way that our winnings only grow. We still win and lose. But when we win, we raise our stakes and when we lose, we lower our stakes. And we get to the point where our losses are not visible and our winnings are substantial. To show how it is done is easier than to explain in words.

Let's say we have a good map. Let's say we intend to bluff. We bully the bet a little bit - just a little. But just so much so that your opponent feels that you have nothing. He is outraged. He's annoyed. He raises the bet even more. And that's when you get into the game. You have a good figure. But you decided to save it. You raise the bet twice, but at the same time scratch the back of your head - as if before you are an insoluble riddle. It further molds your opponent. He also raises your bet. Then another and more. Until he finally realizes that he is caught. And the winnings remain with you. And you celebrate. This is one situation.

best French online casinosAnd here's another one. You take the cards and you realize that there will be no winning. That raising the stakes is very stupid. Or you completely ignore it and leave the game. Or you support her, but only in the first stage. And also quit the game, allowing your opponents to play for luck. You have already played. And your luck decided to wait a little bit. You feel it and give it the opportunity to best Dutch online casinos act on its own scenario. This game is not yours. You're not going to lose a lot here. So, just a little ... These attempts to operate with wins and losses, that is, certain amounts of money are effective. But not always. In case you find a stubborn opponent, you can slightly increase the amount of loss. But - just a little bit. So that he does not get bored, but he did not get what all people are looking for when they come to the game house. That is a good win.

There will be no winnings. And there will be no big loss. And there will be a systematic, constant winnings - quite small, but able to bring you to a fairly rich poker player in a day. Why? Because you have respect for money - that's first and foremost. Because you listen to the trends that prevail at the game table. And because you react quite sharply to losses and winnings. This is how middle hand players play. And they do it. Over time, they become masters. And they play for a lot of money. Here, the psychology is slightly different. Here you do not pay attention to losses and focus only on the winnings... However, we will talk about it in the future.