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How to distinguish between licensed slots and fakes

How to distinguish between licensed slots and fakesHigh interest of gamers to online slots makes the niche of gambling popular. Many dishonest developers use this, releasing unlicensed machines, the purpose of which is not to let the player to win. How to distinguish between the original slot machines on the Internet and not get caught in the trap?

Features of licensed online slots

Licensed online slot machines for money - a quality development that "promise" the pleasure of gambling and guarantee fair play.

In the market of gaming developments already have their own leaders whose products deserve respect: Igrosoft, Novomatic, Microgaming, NetEnt, Playtech, Aceking and others.

Their slots use special settings to work properly. Be sure to "prescribed" and the level of return slot machine - 93-98%. Only then the game is transferred to the buyer (casino), who has no ability to influence the dropout results and change the filling machine. The gaming club can only monitor the statistics of winnings and, of course, pay them to their players.

Licensed slots necessarily pass quality control, which includes:

  • testing the random number generator, which must be installed on each slot machine;
  • pre-sale control and periodic checks on the machine;
  • final inspection by international organizations.

How to distinguish between licensed slots and fakesFeature of the original games is the use of random number generator. This is a special program, which, according to the principle of probability theory, generates the fallout of various combinations during the game.

Deposition of the number of successful (prize) combinations depends on the video slot feedback level, which is specified in its characteristics. The higher it is (93-98%), the more often successful chains are formed by the generator, for which the player gets paid.

Unoriginal slots - fake dishonest developers

Playing slot machines over the Internet, the user may come across unoriginal machines. They are configured so as not to let players win, and enrich their owners.

Pirate slots are often "cloned" original marathonbet casino mobile games, but if you look closely, their quality is very inferior. Their feature is in a complete substitution algorithm of work. The machine is configured so that more often there are no resultant rotations.

Such slots use untested and unreliable casinos, which save on the purchase of licensed software. They can also independently set up fake machines in their favor.

How to distinguish the original slot from the fake?

Play only in reliable casinos. This is the most correct way, because such establishments value their reputation and license.

Check out the slot machine. The original slots work without "failure", the music is not interrupted, and the process of rotating the drums does not stop at any point inappropriate.

Check the kickback. You do not need to spend your money to do this, as you can run the Internet slot machines for free. Rotate the drums and evaluate how often the marathonbet casino review prize combinations and bonus symbols fall out. If the machine declared a return rate of 97%, there can be no permanent losing spins.

Check the server. Each manufacturer uses a specific server to download the game, their lists can be found on the Internet. Start the game and right click to open the Adobe Flash Player settings window. There you will see the server address. You only need to compare it with the original.

You should not risk your money. Play only in proven gambling establishments that value their reputation. Here you will find the original and quality online slot