Dare to Win!  

Game the best France casinos

the best France casinosThe game that the best France casinos is now going on at the gaming table, we have long known. We know what we will get at its end. What will be the winnings and what, in fact, is at stake. It's basically a small thing. It is necessary to play the game itself properly. This game is the result of our reflections. Therefore, we do not worry especially about it. Everything will happen exactly as it should. It is only necessary not to hurry. We stick to the card with which we are going to bluff. We look at it one more time. Wow, a map - I mean, a figure.

It's a good senior rack. Four aces. So we bet on it with confidence. And we wait for the reaction of our opponent. He also bets and asks to raise the bet. That is, he's bluffing. We raise the bet once again. He does not calm down. It happens quickly and efficiently. The bets take off for the whole game. It seems as if we only expected it. And we really only waited for it. We raise the bet again and again. All the players have already jumped off it. It's just the two of us, me and my opponent. Everything goes according to the developed plan.

the best France casinosBut here's the situation... Why does he not pass? He goes and goes forward, not paying attention to the bet itself. We are a little concerned. We don't like it very much. We smoke - a little away from the table. We have to think about it. And we think... What is there to think about? He has nothing (although he holds on perfectly). We sit down to the table and walk again - I mean, we raise our bet. The bet is doubled immediately. Oh, shit... Something is wrong here. Something has happened to the cards. He shouldn't have a good card.

Or... am I wrong? I'm trying to figure out where and what cards were in the game. And it turns out that there is nothing. Absolutely nothing. He can't have a card older than my rack. But he plays in such a way that I seem to be losing... I have a reason to reveal my cards. That is to put out the bet and not to raise it again. But it means that I believed him. And there is nothing to believe. I have to play. And I play - raising the bet to the incredible heaven. He lifts it up quietly. It seems gambling in the Netherlands that he doesn't care. I still raise the bet. And... I give up.

Cards open. And he turns out to have... a street flash! "Mommy darling!" - I shout. I was wrong. I let myself down in my calculations. I - lost ... Such losses happen, but not too often. You just have to keep in mind that poker is a game for luck. And you, calculating your figures, can be tragically wrong. There you go.